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Sun-1000g2-Wal-H Grid Time Wind Inverter on Grid Inverters 3 Phase

Founded in 1996, Ningbo economic&technical development zone Hengda Electrical Co., Ltd., a provincial hi-tech enterprise, is specialized in the R&D, manufacture and sales service of lighting fittings and solar energy PV module connectors.


grid tie inverter

5kva hybrid inverter

hybrid three phase inverter energy storage battery

Product Detail

Basic Info.

Model NO.
DC/AC Inverters
Power Source
Wind Power
Circuit Topologies
Push-pull Type
Nature of Wave String
Sine Wave Inverter
Product Name
AC 3 Phases 45-90V Grid Tie Wind Turbine Inverter
Key Word
Grid Tie Wind Inverter
Blue or Customized
Transport Package
Packing: 54*31*15.5(cm)
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

LCD Display 1000W With Limiter Sensor Wind Inverter On Grid Tie Invertor 230V 50/60Hz Output
3 phase Grid Tie Wind 
Turbine Inverter on Grid 1000W

Wind Turbine Grid Tie Inverter Models

Table 1, DC Input Inverter Models
Model Rated Power
DC Input
AC Output
AC Output


Power Consumption
      95V~140V 50/60Hz    
SUN-1000G2-WDL-M 1000W / 900W 22V~65V     90% 0.5W
      185V~265V 50/60Hz    
      95V~140V 50/60Hz    
SUN-1000G2-WDL-H 1000W / 900W 45V~90V     92% 1.5W
      185V~265V 50/60Hz    


2000W / 1850W






Table 2, Three Phases Input Inverter Models


Model Rated Power
DC Input
AC Output
AC Output


Power Consumption
      95V~140V 50/60Hz    
SUN-1000G2-WAL-M 1000W / 900W 22V~65V     90% 0.5W
      185V~265V 50/60Hz    
      95V~140V 50/60Hz    
SUN-1000G2-WAL-H 1000W / 900W 45V~90V     92% 1.5W
      185V~265V 50/60Hz    


2000W / 1850W






Sunshine Grid Tie Power Inverter is the world's most technologically advanced inverter for use in utility-interactive applications. This manual details the safe installation and operation of the Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter.
This integrated system maximizes energy harvest, increases system reliability, and simplifies design, installation, and management.

The small type of wind grid tie power inverter can obtain the wind energy from wind turbines and tie to the grid through its output cables with no extra equipment. The installation is very convenient and reliable.
We call a system combining with a small grid tie inverter and a wind turbine as "SGWT". The system includes a wind turbine and a small grid tie inverter, and a set of the installation kit. Some "SGWT" also will include a controller, dump load resistor.
The inverter can be connected to any outlets of the utility grid at the house. The small grid tie inverter monitors the volume, frequency, and phase of the home utility grid, producing pure sine wave AC power that the frequency and phase are the same as the grids. The volume is a bit higher than the grid's, then according to the current-controlled PWM, to control the output power to the grid. The small grid tie inverter puts out power when the home grid is on.
When the wind turbine is rotating, and its output of the voltage is in the range of the rated input voltage of the inverter, the wind turbine will produce power, and the grid tie inverter will change the power from the wind turbine to the home grid. When the total power of the electric appliance that is using in the house is
larger than the output power of the inverters, this power from the inverters will be consumed in the house. This will slow down the power meter; otherwise, the difference of the output power of the inverter between the total used power of the appliance will go out from the house to the out grid.

Installation Procedure

  1. Considering the total capacity of the grid tie power system that you need
  2. Choosing an applicable wind turbine for Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter
  3. Selecting a set of accessory for installation of the Grid Tie Power System
  4. Selecting the correct model of Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter
  5. Installing the wind turbine to a suitable place
  6. Installing Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter to a suitable place
  7. Connecting Sunshine Grid Tie Power System with cables and connectors
  8. Grounding the system

Step1. Considering the total capacity of the grid tie power system that you need.
The whole grid tie power system's total capacity is according to your power consumption in
the site you want to install, or how much power you want it to feed to the utility grid. The volume is just according to your will because when the total power of electric appliances used in the installation site is larger than the output power of the grid tie power system, this power from the system will be consumed in the site, this will slow down the power meter; otherwise, the difference of the system's output power between the total used power of the appliances will feed to the utility grid.

For example, suppose you want to install a grid tie power system in your house. In that case, you could decide the total power volume according to the total power the appliances that you use in your house, maybe the consumption of total energy per day is about 5KWH. You should realize the averaged speed of the wind per day at your site, check the power to the speed of the wind curve from the specifications of the wind turbine, then you can estimate the average power that the wind turbine can generate, actually the real average power the wind turbine can generate at your side is not easy to estimate, you need to check the history data of the climate because it will vary every day according to the climate, just assume a 1KW rated wind turbine is suitable for the grid tie power system that you plan to set, with this capacity of the system, it can supply all power consumption in the whole year. When the grid tie power system is working, sometimes, there is extra power feed to the utility grid if the power from the grid tie system is larger than the power consumed by the appliances in your house, and sometimes will not when it is not larger.

If you use a 1KW wind turbine, then we call the "GTWT" system is a 1KW grid tie power system. Of course, you can install a 500W grid tie power system or a 2KW grid tie system, even more large capacity or more small capacity grid tie system, it doesn't matter. But if the capacity is too big, you should consider the volume of the AC system of your house, whether it can hold the fed power or not.

Step2. Choosing Applicable Wind Turbine For Wind Turbine Grid Tie Inverter


Company Profile


Top Hengda Electrical is a provincial hi-tech enterprise specialized in the R & D, manufacture and sales service of renewable energy such as inverters, solar panels, lithium batteries, solar connectors, junction boxes, lighting fittings etc. Our company covers an area of 11000 square meters, total investment of 10 million US dollars, with history of over 30 years.

Aiming at solar energy industry, based on the concept of "making the unique and the best products", TOP employed many talented personnel, began to research and develop solar products as early as 2004. We have 45pcs of different kinds of injection machines, 72pcs of different kinds of punching machines, more than 20pcs of ultrasonic welding machines, and many other advanced technology, assembling machines and testing equipment. Continuous developed, innovation goes on as it never ends. Our brand "Top" has won considerable domestic market share and a stable client base overseas. All products are certified with the certificates of C Q C, T U V, UL, V D E, CE, RoHS, S G S and so on. Our factory has obtained the certificates of I S O 9 0 0 1 Quality Management System and I S O1 4 0 0 1 Environmental Management System. With more than 30 years producing experience, our annual output has reached about 10,000,000pcs and we have exported more than 100 countries all over the world. 

Welcome to inquire us! We will try our best to serve you satisfied.



Packing & Delivery


Packing:Customized packing, Can be designed according to customer's requirements, manual can be multi-languages, add customer logo, etc.
Delivery:We can do EXW, FOB, CIF, CNF, DDA, DDP service for most of the countries all over the world. 


Q1: How to install and use the solar inverter?
A1: We have the English teaching manual and videos; All the videos about every step of machine Disassembly, assembly, operation will be sent to our customers.
Q2: What if I don't have export experience ?
A2: We have reliable forwarder agent which can ship items to you by sea/air/Express to your doorstep.Any way, we will help you choose the most suitable shipping service.
Q3:Can you provide the free shipping to sea port ?
A3:Yes, we provide the free shipping to your convenient sea port.If you have agent in China, we can also ship it to them for free.
Q4: How is your technical support?
A4: We provide lifetime online support through Whatsapp/ Skype/ Wechat/ Email. Any problem after delivery, we will offer you video. call anytime,our engineer will also go to oversea help our customers if necessary.
Q5: Can you get the the solar inverter customized for us ?
A5: Of course, brand name, machine color, designed unique patterns available for customization.
Q6: How to become your agent?
A6:Contact us through Whatsapp/ Skype/ Wechat/ Email, we will give you the best price and look forward to your greetings

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